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Face it, card graphics can get dull. Just look at your driver's license. Most are two color cards with a low quality picture ID. Wouldn't it be nice to look at your ID and not see the individual pixels.

PET can support the highest resolution printing available on the market. With ranges from 300 to 1200+ dpi, all of your graphics will come out looking crisp and clear. PVC and paper cards cannot support that level of quality. Image is everything. Increase your sales with the flashiest, most memorable customer appreciation card on the market, or reduce the amount of fraudulent cards with your logo. Ticketing, security passes, IDs, become nearly impossible to copy or reproduce because of PET's unique feel and look. Don't get caught with a boring card, use PET printing instead.

At SEI we can make your cards more vibrant. Why limit your company ID to a name and a 2-dimentional, 2-color logo? Watermarking, foil, 3-D, millions of colors, holograms, any or all of the above, the possibilities are endless.

All of this can be done to any card design you choose.

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