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Gift and Loyalty Smart Card System

Gift & Loyalty Card Downloadable Brochure
Logo Loyalty Card

Customer Loyalty Program: Symbol Based
When the thermal card is filled with thermally printed logos, a customer can redeem the card for a one time discount, a free item, or whatever reward you choose. After the card is used up, simply insert the card into the reader/writer, erase the card, and start over. This is a very simple system to initiate, as it only requires a stand alone reader/writer. If you wish to keep track of the number of customers redeeming or the number of points being given out, a basic computer can compile the results from the unit's internal memory.

Customer Loyalty Program: Points Based
Uniform, variable, or dollar based points can be implemented into this smart card scenario. The customer gains points by purchasing goods from the retailer and uses points for prizes or discounts on future purchases. When the card is filled, the information embedded in the card can be transferred to another card or erased and used again. This set up is easy and efficient. With this system, information about the number of cards in use and their frequency can also be obtained.

Points Based Loyalty Card

Thermal Gift Card

    Gift Card Program

  • Open Value or Pre-Determined Value
  • Money Stays in Store
  • Customer Knows Balance
  • Versatile & Flexible
  • Exceptional Features
  • Store ID for Security and Trackability
    • Program Function:
      • Sale (earn)
      • Redeem
  • Reload Function: Reload card to become a pre-paid card
  • Balance Transfer Capabilities
  • Trailer Messaging

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